We recommend consulting each business before visiting, as many of them operate seasonally and have varying hours of operation as well as alterations due to COVID-19 guidelines.

Otsego County offers adrenaline-pumping thrills for all types of daredevils. Around here it is easy to find what makes you feel young, lose your stomach and cry of excitement. Adventure here, for memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Skydiving
    • The best view of Cooperstown can be seen jumping out of an airplane! Just Jump Skydiving has a team of experienced skydivers and videographers to capture you flying high over Otsego Lake. The original extreme sport will have you soaring across town and feeling freedom like never before.
  • Laser Tag
  • Mountain Biking
    • Explore Oneonta's off-road trails. The county’s biking trails travel on top of hills, through forests and alongside the Susquehanna River. Oneonta’s Susquehanna River Trails takes bikers on a journey through Catella Park. On the other hand, Main Loop Trails has a dozen paths that veer off the main land. Paths that can take you through Strawberry Fields, skid past cliffs, and cross downed trees.
    • For more biking trails checkout the Biking page on ThisIsCooperstown.com
    • Bike rentals can be found at Woodland Cycles, which carries hundreds of cycling brands and products.
  • Bouldering
    • Test your ability to climb rock walls without the help of ropes or harnesses. Table Rock Bouldering is an indoor adventure that tests your mind and body on vertical walls. The weekly changing jigsaws and experienced coaches are always looking for new ways to challenge both rookies and professionals.
  • Hang Gliding
    • Susquehanna Flight Park Learn to become your own pilot with instructor Dan Guido, who teaches students how to fly by using only the wind and a glider.
  • Challenge Courses
    • Ropes, mazes, shaky bridges and rock walls will test your balance, endurance and tenacity on Clark Sports Center’s Challenge Courses. The sports center offers two different courses and a zipline for a grand exit.
  • Skateboarding
    • Remember that feeling of perfecting your first Ollie or learning to do a Kickflip? Neahwa Park Skate Park lets you relive those memories. The small skate park is next to a basketball court and tucked away in a secluded area of Oneonta. Its the perfect spot for risk-takers to practices skateboarding.
  • Escape Rooms
    • Cooperstown Escape Rooms has three different themed rooms. They lock you and your friends together in a room, forcing you all to solve mind bending puzzles. Only by banding together, will you unearth clues and keys in order to beat a time limit. The adrenaline pumping game can be played in one of three different rooms: Posessed Puppeteer, Freaki Tikki and Curse of the Bambino. 
  • Skiing
    • Burlington Flats’ Basswood Pond has yellow-marked trails for cross country skiing that span the Basswood Pond State Forest, a frozen lake and an old logging trail. The hidden views are worth the intense energy it takes to traverse. Equipment is sold during the winter at Mt. Otsego Ski Shop in Cooperstown.
    • For more winter activities, visit thisiscooperstown.com. Also popular during the winter is ice fishing on the lakes!
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
    • Otsego County has 158.3 miles of creek flow and 5 lakes, making it ideal for watersports. Canoe and Kayak Rentals and Sales is located in the heart of the county, has a satellite locations on Otsego lake, AND delivers!
  • Powerboating
    • Imagine, you’re on the water, splashing over waves and hanging onto the railing for dear life. CJ’s Powerboat Rentals at Jones Marine let's customers rent a boat for the day! Make sure to bring tubes, life jackets and a packed cooler out on the lake. Or, dock and eat at one of the lakefront restaurants.
  • Horseback Riding
    • Disconnect from the hustle and bustle! Horseback riding at Brass Ring Farms takes you and your friends through backwoods trails. You and your horse will steer past trees and ponds while climbing over rocks and hills. The views are incredible!
  • Aerial Yoga
    • Defy gravity with aerial yoga. Suspend yourself with just a silk ribbon and face your fears. Fit to be Tied Yoga offers personalized classes for students of all levels of experience. Your body is guaranteed to be moved and balanced in ways you’ve never experienced before!
  • Rail Exploring
    • Pedal a scenic 12-mile round trip along "The Milford Track".  Rail Explorers USA just opened a new location here in Cooperstown that rides through the countryside. The out-and-back journey is 2.5 hours of pure exploration but includes a 20-minute intermission. Bring your own snacks and beverages, dogs welcome too! 

Explore Otsego County through its forests, rivers, and skylines. Get Outside, have fun and enjoy nature! When searching for your courageous side, make sure to stay informed with upcoming events and opportunities. Weekly updates to the event schedule include thrilling outdoor games, beer festivals, concerts, and more!

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