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Step up to the plate and knock your Cooperstown adventure out of the park!

Whether you're sliding into town for the National Baseball Hall of Fame or just looking to hit a home run on your vacation, our Plan Your Visit page is your MVP. Find your perfect home base (no dugouts here, just cozy lodges and charming B&Bs), snag parking deets faster than a stolen base, and dive into our inspiration guide like a pro outfielder chasing a fly ball. It's time to craft your Cooperstown experience, inning by inning, pitch by pitch. Let's play ball!

Getting Here

Whether you plan to travel by car, bus, train, or plane, we provide detailed directions and information…


Welcome to Cooperstown, where every pitch is a story and every street corner might just lead to an…


Outside of Cooperstown, Otsego County is filled with a variety of charming towns and villages that are well…