A Museum Hopper's Dream

If you're looking for enrichment, we've got what you want. From farming to art to architecture, our muesums are the place to be. Two-day, One-night.

Day One

The Farmers Museum (Open Seasonally)

Contact: Katie Cole, K.Cole@FenimoreArt.org, 607-547-1423

Smell the smoke and hear the crackle of the fire that power the bellows at The Farmers Museum Blacksmith Shop. Located at the center of the museum"s historic village, guests can watch red-hot iron be pounded into nails and items useful to mid-19th century farming communities. Other focuses of the museum include a working farm, the Empire State Carousel, and exhibitions that re-create early American daily life and showcase ingenuity. (90 minutes) 

Origins Cafe at Carefree Gardens (Open Seasonally)

Contact: Mary Leonard, carefreegn@yahoo.com, 607-437-2862

Farm fresh locavore cuisine sourced from local farms and entities. Is it a cafe? Is it a greenhouse? Yes! Enjoy your meal amidst a beautiful working greenhouse, and enjoy the serenity it offers. (One hour)

Hyde Hall (Open Seasonally)

Contact: John H. Aborn, JohnAborn@HydeHall.org, 607-547-5098 Ext. 4

See the extremely rare vapor light chandeliers lit in the Dining Room and the first water closet west of the Hudson River at Hyde Hall, a 50-room limestone mansion – acclaimed as one of the finest early neoclassical homes in the United States. Central heat in the 1830s? Yes, you can learn about early floor heating in the great rooms of the mansion. (One hour) 


Day Two

Hanford Mills Museum (Open Seasonally)

Contact: Liz Callahan, liz@hanfordmills.org, 607-278-5744

Nowadays, we don"t think twice about driving to the furniture store to purchase a dining room table or the local grocery to buy a loaf of bread – but that wasn't always possible. Watch a working water-powered mill in action at Hanford Mills Museum! Listen as the cool waters of the millpond rush over the 1926 Overshot Waterwheel. See the Mill spin, feel it rumble, and listen to it whir to life. Explore the woodworking shop, see historic machines create the same products that were made at the Mill a century ago. Demonstration-filled guided tours feature the history of water power and showcase American ingenuity and sustainability. (0ne hour)

Upstate Bar and Grill

Contact: Joe Vezza, NYPCooperstown@yahoo.com, 607-282-4525

Connected by an affinity for craft beer and food, Upstate Bar & Grill is a partnership between a chef, an entrepreneur, and a brewer who had a vision of delivering Cooperstown a taste of the gastropub experience. We are dedicated to the art of pairing rich, savory dishes with the area's most delicious craft beers. (One hour)

Fenimore Art Museum (Open Seasonally)

Contact: Katie Cole, K.Cole@FenimoreArt.org, 607-547-1423

The museum houses one of the country's most comprehensive and exceptional collections of American folk, fine and the renowned Thaw Collection of American Indian Art, representing North America's diverse and rich cultural heritage. The museum is also home to a wide collection of twentieth-century art, nineteenth-century photography, and decorative arts. (Two hours)


Day Three

Iroquois Museum (Open Seasonally)

Contact: Stephanie Shultes, info@iroquoismuseum.org, 518-296-8949

The Iroquois Museum is an educational institution dedicated to fostering understanding of Iroquois culture using Iroquois art as a window to that culture. The Museum is a venue for promoting Iroquois art and artists, and a meeting place for all peoples to celebrate Iroquois culture and diversity.   (90 minutes)


The Olde Tater Barn (Open Seasonally)

Contact: Katie, katie@theoldetaterbarn.com, 518-868-9933

The Olde Tater Barn is a traditional wedding venue located in the Great Northern Catskills in Central Bridge, New York. This idyllic estate is nestled amidst rolling fields, farmland and forestry. The authentic and supremely refurbished barn coupled with tranquil and scenic surroundings makes this the ideal destination for a couple’s wedding journey.  (90 minutes)