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Susquehanna Flight Park

HANG GLIDING... The purest form of flight. Throughout the centuries man has dreamt of personal flight, to set oneself free and soar silently with the birds. Dan Guido, now a master pilot and certified USHGA instructor, has taught many students this wonderful sport of flying. With the success of his teachings, his school has grown into a fully operational organization, with a classroom, 5 training hills, and a mountain launch.

Dan is able to provide a student with all of the necessary means of going from beginner to advanced pilot ratings.

Lessons available every day from April through October (weather permitting and including holidays).  Best to begin at 9:00am before the winds pick up but, happy to accommodate your schedule during your stay in the Cooperstown area.  Call or e-mail to schedule your lesson today!




We strongly advise that you check business websites or call ahead for the most up-to-date information on possible limited hours and whether reservations are necessary or not. 

General Information

Season / Hours of Operation

April through October (weather permitting and including holidays). Call for Scheduling details.

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    Explore Cooperstown

    Known as baseball’s birthplace, but home to so much more, Cooperstown is a place where legends roam hallowed halls, swing away on diamonds, and take to the stage under a canopy of stars. The historic village boasts a vibrant arts scene, excellent local food and beverage options, luxury accommodations, and, of course, more baseball than you can shake a bat at.

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