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Oneonta Trail Association


"Off of any official map, secret, hidden, tucked away, known not by any phone or numbered address, yet felt powerfully by the deep yet subtle unspoken 'sense of place' shared among all of us that consider these trails vital to our quality of life.  To us, trails are so much more than beautiful paths through the forest. They are spiritual corridors of escape from the  race against the clock  and noise of modern life. They are a place  to connect with nature, bond with others, sustain our health, or enjoy peaceful solitude. OTA hopes to unite runners, bikers, hikers, dog walkers, bird watchers, photographers, nature lovers, meditators, and many more who all realize both our good fortune to have this rare gift, and the work and vigilance needed to sustain it. We hope to maintain and spread the word about this amazing resource for many more people to discover today, and protect it for future generations to cherish tomorrow."

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We strongly advise that you check business websites or call ahead for the most up-to-date information on possible limited hours and whether reservations are necessary or not. 

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    Explore Oneonta

    Explore Oneonta

    Oneonta, situated just south of Cooperstown in the Susquehanna Valley, is known as the "City of the Hills" and home to the State University College at Oneonta and Hartwick College. Oneonta's quaint Main Street is filled with cafes and boutiques; just a short drive across the river, you'll find national retailers, more dining and family-fun activities.

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