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Cherry Valley Lilacs at Bates Hop House

A family owned lilac farm in Cherry Valley, NY. They feature rare lilac plants, and have more than 150 varieties in their exhibit garden...They also make rich and soothing therapeutic lilac pomade and lilac Enfleurage absolute essential oil through the ancient process of Enfleurage. In 2017 they started making their own Lilac Enfleurage Absolute Essential Oil from their own Lilac Pomade. Currently theyare the only lilac farm in the world doing large scale traditional Enfleurage. Their production comprises the world supply of Lilac Enfleurage Absolute Essential Oil.


We strongly advise that you check business websites or call ahead for the most up-to-date information on possible limited hours and whether reservations are necessary or not. 

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    Explore Cherry Valley

    Explore Cherry Valley

    During the late 1700s, the small village of Cherry Valley was the gateway to America's Western Frontier.

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