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Partner Program Enrollment

Thank you for your dedication to Otsego County!

Below the form, you'll see an outline of the Partner Program levels, each suited to meet a variety of your marketing needs. The deadline for 2019 enrollment is December 14th. Please fill out the form below to select your desired Partner Program level and the DMCOC will send you an invoice in January 2019. Note: 50% payment is due by April 30, 2019. Balance due June 15, 2019.

Partner Program Content Intake

In order to streamline the process of collecting information from our partners, we're asking that you fill out the form below with all possible promotions for the year. Please be as detailed as possible. We understand that over the course of the year things might change, so you can always reach out to us with new and exciting things to share with our audience. Keep in mind, our team plans promotions a month in advance so the sooner you can share information with us the better! We appreciate your cooperation and collaboration at this time.

Please include the following information for the first content intake question:

• Event Title, Date(s) listed out, Start & end time(s), Venue, Venue Full Address, Any Social Media connections you would like to include, Hashtags & 1 image with the following format: less than 2 MB & 500x300 pixels; png, gif, jpg or jpeg; horizontal
• Brief description including: Business Season and Hours of Operation and regular admission costs, if any (300 words max)


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