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Destination Marketing Corporation for Otsego County (DMCOC)

The DMCOC considers all requests for assistance and media/press trip facilitation. We require media to complete and submit the profile form to the right no later than five weeks (off peak) and seven weeks (peak) prior to visit. Off Peak Season: November 1-May 1; Peak Season: May 2-October 31.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Additional guests travelling with the journalist must settle all bills themselves. Where possible, media rates may be offered (Exception: families; see below).
  • Most meals will be on your own. When hosted, gratuities must be paid for with meals, as is customary.
  • Alcohol expenses are not covered unless specified as part of your itinerary.
  • All complimentary elements of the trip such as hotels, restaurants, activities etc. MUST be considered for inclusion in the final editorial; and at least mentioned in social media posts supplementing the published piece.
  • The DMCOC is not able to provide inbound, outbound, or onsite transportation.
  • The DMCOC is not able to provide language interpretation.

Please fill out all questions and be descriptive in answers where required.

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