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Ongoing Art Exhibitions

Discover Ongoing & Permanent Art Exhibitions in Cooperstown

Visit the Fenimore Art Museum, which boasts one of the nation's finest collections of American art. Be sure to stop by The Eugene and Clare Thaw Collection of American Indian Art, which is home to sculpture, beadwork, woodwork, metalwork, traditional dress and more from indigenous groups across North America. The museum's fine art collection includes works by numerous Hudson River School painters, including Thomas Cole's Last of the Mohicans and Asher B. Durand's Hudson River Looking Toward the Catskills, as well as portraits of famous early Americans and masks that early 19th century artist John Henry Isaac Browere cast from the actual faces of Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Dolly Madison, and others. Check out the museum's folk art collection to see ship figureheads, weathervanes, quilts, cigar shop figurines and other folk objects. The collection features many notable paintings including work by 19th century devout Quaker and renowned folk artist Edward Hicks and improvisational paintings by 20th-century painter Ralph Fasanella which critique post World War II culture and the struggles faced by urban workers.

If the Fenimore Art Museum leaves you hungry for more, step into 19th century upstate New York life at the Farmers' Museum, which hosts special events and programs throughout the winter. Open for its regular season April 1 through October 30, the Farmers' Museum offers an open-air museum experience featuring farm buildings, the Empire State Carousel, and the legendary Cardiff Giant, "America's Greatest Hoax."

Check out the coolest contemporary art gallery, one mile from Cooperstown and visit The Art Garage!  You'll be thrilled by how color and form can evoke your thoughts and emotions.   The Art Garage is Open Saturdays 10am - 1pm and daily by appointment and hosts several exhibitions each season June - September.

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Discover Cultural Treasures

Delve into the region’s rich cultural legacy with a visit to these Cooperstown and Otsego County art exhibitions. Find inspiration at the Fenimore Art Museum among indigenous textiles, Hudson River School paintings, and folk art. Then forge a deeper connection to the past with living history exhibits at the Farmers’ Museum.