Tucked away in the lush landscapes of New York, Otsego County is quickly becoming a magnet for film enthusiasts and history buffs alike, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Film Otsego. This dynamic organization is reshaping the county into a premier filmmaking destination, enriching local youth with educational opportunities, and driving economic growth. With its enchanting countryside, timeless villages, and the vibrant city of Oneonta, Otsego offers a rich tapestry of settings that can seamlessly stand in for diverse locales, both domestic and international.

The cinematic charm of our region is undeniable, captured in the stunning vistas and versatile scenes that dot our county. We've curated an exciting itinerary featuring locations from some of our most recent film productions, inviting you to explore the real-life backdrops of your favorite movie moments right here in Otsego County.

Asteroid (2021)

"Asteroid" is a gripping 2021 disaster thriller that plunges viewers into a tense, edge-of-your-seat narrative, where a small town grapples with the imminent threat of a catastrophic asteroid impact. As the community races against time to find shelter and safety, the film explores themes of human resilience, bravery, and the power of community in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Filming Locations:

  1. Secret Caverns (Evacuation Site): This natural wonder, located at 671 Caverns Rd, Howes Cave, NY, serves as a central evacuation site in the film. Its deep, expansive caves provide a visually stunning and atmospherically tense backdrop for the town's desperate bid for survival.
  2. Town of Oneonta, Town Hall (Emergency Meeting Site): The heart of local government at 3966 St Hwy 23, West Oneonta, NY, becomes a crucial setting where town leaders and citizens gather to strategize survival plans, reflecting the community's resilience and collective effort to combat the impending disaster.
  3. Southside Mall (Internet Store): Located at 5006 NY-23, Oneonta, NY, this modern shopping center is featured as a bustling hub where residents gather supplies and information, showcasing the societal scramble in crisis situations.
  4. Munson's Hardware Store (Kenny's Store): At 5662 NY-7, Oneonta, NY, this quintessential local hardware store becomes a key location. Owned by Kenny, a pivotal character, the store supplies essential tools and equipment for the town's survival efforts, symbolizing hope and resourcefulness.
  5. Red Jug Pub (Bar): The bar at 195 S Main St, Oneonta, NY, offers a glimpse into the personal lives of the townspeople, serving as a place for final goodbyes and heart-to-heart conversations before the disaster strikes, adding a layer of emotional depth to the narrative.

Through its compelling use of local settings, "Asteroid" not only delivers thrilling cinematic moments but also showcases the unique charm and character of Otsego County, making it a memorable addition to the genre.

The Girl Who Wore Yellow Lace (Horror, 2024)

"The Girl Who Wore Yellow Lace" is a chilling horror film from 2024 that delves into the eerie, suspense-filled tale of a cursed garment that brings misfortune and death to its wearers. Set in the seemingly tranquil surroundings of Richfield Springs, NY, the film masterfully weaves psychological horror with supernatural elements, keeping audiences gripped with its haunting atmosphere and escalating dread.

Filming Locations:

  1. The Lake House Restaurant and Lodge (Base Camp): Situated at 2521 Co Hwy 22, Richfield Springs, NY, this picturesque lodge served as the base camp for the film's production. It was also the venue where horror icon Lynn Lowry was honored with an award for her over fifty years of contributions to the film industry along Historic Route 20. The lodge’s rustic charm and lakeside views are prominently featured in the film, adding a sense of isolation and scenic eeriness.
  2. Village Motel: Located at 168 E Main St, Richfield Springs, NY, this classic small-town motel becomes a key location in the movie. Its vintage look and local flavor provide the perfect backdrop for several critical scenes involving the mysterious movements of the town's eerie visitors.
  3. Air B&B on Canadarago Lake: This private residence on the serene Canadarago Lake is used for several pivotal scenes, the tranquil water and secluded setting contrast sharply with the movie’s tense and terrifying moments, enhancing the suspense and horror that permeate the story.

Through its effective use of local Richfield Springs locations, "The Girl Who Wore Yellow Lace" not only delivers a gripping horror narrative but also showcases the region's natural beauty and quaint, unsettling charm, making it a standout addition to the horror genre.

A Nightmare Wakes (Psychological Thriller, 2020)

"A Nightmare Wakes" is a 2020 psychological thriller that delves deep into the disturbed mind of its protagonist, unraveling a story filled with suspense, eerie hallucinations, and a haunting descent into madness. The film masterfully captures the internal turmoil of its central character, using the Gothic ambiance of its single location to amplify the intense psychological drama.

Filming Location:

  • Hyde Hall: Located at 267 Glimmerglass State Park, Cooperstown, NY, this historic mansion sets the perfect stage for this chilling thriller. The grand, yet somewhat foreboding architecture of Hyde Hall enhances the film’s tense atmosphere, making it a character in its own right. The sprawling estate, with its dark, richly decorated interiors and expansive, shadowy grounds, provides a visually stunning backdrop that complements the film's theme of isolation and psychological distress.

Hyde Hall’s imposing presence and its labyrinthine layout play a pivotal role in the film, mirroring the protagonist's spiraling descent into the depths of her psyche. This location not only adds a layer of visual richness but also encapsulates the oppressive and claustrophobic mood essential to the narrative, making "A Nightmare Wakes" a compelling exploration of fear and madness.

Coming Soon:

ZOMBIE APACHE (Horror, 2024)

Zombie Apache is a new horror comedy indie movie about a real estate developer who mistakenly unleashes a dangerous threat after desecrating a sacred burial ground. The film was shot in the Adirondacks, Ithaca, and around Oneonta! It was Film Otsego's largest production and budget to date and could not have happened without the robust support of our local film community. It will be screening at this year's Shocktoberfest hosted by the Foothills Performing Arts and Civic Center in Oeonta and hopefully many other festivals along the way.

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