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Parks in Cooperstown

Hike, Bike + Explore the Many Parks of Otsego County

Cooperstown and Otsego County's parks offer miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, pristine lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, birding, camping and a variety of other outdoor activities. So whether you're zooming on trails shaded by the forest canopy on your bike, or trekking to Otsego County's highest points, explore all that the region's parks have to offer.

State Parks in Cooperstown & Oneonta

State parks throughout Otsego County offer a variety of full amenities for ample camping outings, and a multitude of recreational activities year-round – from paddling at Gilbert Lake State Park in the summer, to snow tubing at Glimmerglass State Park in the winter. Be sure to confer with each state park to confirm whether you need to make camping reservations ahead of your arrival, or if there is a park entrance fee.

Cooperstown State Forests, Preserves + Walking Trails

In addition to state parks throughout the Cooperstown area, you'll also find a variety of state forests, preserves and wilderness areas with walking trails. Great for escaping into the region's lush forests and woodlands, these forests and preserves are a bit more rustic than the region's state parks, offering limited amenities, but a diverse range of activities perfect for getting lost in the woods.

Explore all of Otsego County's parks below.

<a href=/attractions/arnold-lake-state-forest>Arnold Lake State Forest</a>
Arnold Lake State Forest trails lie on New York State and Otsego County lands surrounding Arnold Lake.  The main trail is a 5.5 mile loop that crosses public high-ways at three places.  Parking is...
<a href=/attractions/basswood-pond-state-forest>Basswood Pond State Forest</a>
Basswood Pond State Forest offers varied outdoor recreational opportunities.  The pond site is handicapped accessible with a paved path to the water's edge.  A pit toilet is available. Recreational...
<a href=/attractions/bear-swamp-state-forest>Bear Swamp State Forest</a>
The 1,750-acre Bear Swamp State Forest features a forest dominated ecosystem with both natural and planted forest species throughout the area. Bear Swamp State Forest's main feature is the 44-acre...
<a href=/attractions/betty-wilbur-davis-state-park>Betty & Wilbur Davis State Park</a>
Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park offers visitors spectacular views from atop a hill in the southern part of Otsego County.  The 229-acre property is mostly a forest of hardwoods, but also has two...
<a href=/attractions/brookwood-point>Brookwood Point</a>
Brookwood Point has been an established estate on the shores Otsego Lake since the early 1820's and is home to a 100 year old Italianate Renaissance garden. Over the past 100 years, Brookwood has...
<a href=/attractions/calhoun-creek-state-forest>Calhoun Creek State Forest</a>
Calhoun Creek State Forest offers 730 acres for recreational use.  Use caution, as hunting and trapping is permitted during certain times of the year.
Cherry Valley State Forest offers 1,566 acres of recreational land in the towns of Cherry Valley and Roseboom.   Recreational Activities at Cherry Valley State Forest Hiking
<a href=/attractions/copes-corners-park>Copes Corners Park</a>
The Town of Butternuts wants everyone to be able to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of our park. Come try us out! Located along the Butternut Creek at the southwestern tip of Otsego County....
Decatur State Forest offers 582 acres for recreational use and is located in the towns of Decatur and Worcester.
<a href=/attractions/deowongo-island>Deowongo Island</a>
Deowongo Island is the only island in Canadarago Lake, located in north central Otsego County. Well known by locals and visitors, Deowongo Island is an iconic treasure in the region that has a unique...
Exeter State Forest offers 1,957 acres of land for recreational use and is located in the town of Exeter.
A rustic shaded swimming area on Otsego Lake with lifeguards on duty during the season. Picnic tables and a pavilion.