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Signature Quilt Bed and Breakfast

Located in the scenic and historic village of Gilbertsville, the Signature Quilt Bed and Breakfast has provided its customers with the very best of service since it opened in 1999. Located in a historic 1820s building that has housed numerous businesses throughout the years, including the print shop that published The Otsego Journal, this Bed and Breakfast is located on the second floor of the former print shop. The B&B acquired its name from the 1852 Signature Quilt which was featured until recently along with other antique and contemporary quilts from the Butternut Valley. Their clean, comfortable, and convenient facilities will appeal to all, especially those interested in quilts and Central New York Leatherstocking history, and you will be provided with a nutritious selection of breakfast foods to choose from to create your own breakfast. Located next to The Major's Inn and just steps from the Gilbert Block Quilt Shop and a locally-owned and operated ice cream shop!

Complimentary Breakfast
Private Bath
  • $100 per night
Total Rooms:
  • 1
  • Year Round
Signature Quilt Bed and Breakfast
General Information:
6 Commercial Street, Gilbertsville, NY 13776

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