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Packard Parade at Hyde Hall

The car shown above with Hyde Clarke and Uncle Toby in the front seat may not be a Packard*, but if Hyde's grandfather, the builder of Hyde Hall, had lived at the dawn of the automobile age, he probably would have owned one. Being a fan of technical innovation, seen in the vapor light chandeliers and forced air heating system installed at Hyde Hall, George Clarke would have appreciated Packard's flair for technical wizardry. From the very beginning, Packard cars featured new technology such as the modern steering wheel, the first production 12-cylinder engine, and the first air-conditioning in a passenger car.

On Wednesday September 3rd, Hyde Hall will host a rendezvous of approximately 50 Packard automobiles, driven by members of East Grand Packards, the New York chapter of The Packard Club. Arrayed in front of the Mansion's portico, these beautiful vehicles, manufactured between 1900 and 1959, will be available to the public for photos and conversations with their restorers. The convoy will arrive at 9:30 through the Glimmerglass State Park entrance on Rt. 31, and will depart via the Mill Rd. entrance at 11:30am.


 * The car in the photo is a Columbia Flyer c. 1907, "The smartest car ever put on the market."

Packard Parade at Hyde Hall
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