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Lumberjack Festival

Timber Sports, chainsaw competitions, sawmill tours, history and family fun! Wightman Specialty Woods is holding its first Lumberfest Lumberjack Festival on Sept. 17, 2016 in cooperation with the New York State Lumberjacks Association (NYSLA).

Event Schedule

Men's Events
1.Championship Springboard (open to top 12 placers from NYSLA sponsored Macedon Ctr. Show the previous weekend)
2.Handicap Standing Block Chop
3.Handicap Underhand Chop
4.Championship Two Man Sawing

Women's Events
1.Handicap Underhand
2.Championship Single Buck (one woman sawing)
3.Handicap Standing Block
4.Championship Two Woman Crosscut Sawing

Open Events
1.Championship Jack & Jill two person sawing
2.Novice Handicap Underhand (contestants selected by handicapping committee)
3.Championship Open Hotsaw

*35-40 contestants expected

Championship Events: Contestants all start on a normal 3,2,1 Go! Countdown.

Handicapped Events: Contestants will receive marks on which they will start based on their past results and current ability.

Lumberjack Festival
General Information:
146 County Highway 35A, Portlandville, NY13834