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Farmers' Museum Ghost Tours - Things That Go Bump in the Night

Experience The Farmers' Museum during the most haunting time of the year. Join museum guides as they lead you through the darkened 19th-century village by lantern. Hear stories associated with the museum's buildings, such as the tale of a young ghost sighted by staff and guests in Bump Tavern and the mysterious early morning strikes on the blacksmith's anvil.

Some of the ghostly tales are adapted from the Louis C. Jones classic, Things That Go Bump in the Night, a timeless record of haunted history and restless spirits in New York State. At each tour's end, hold your breath as one of the museum's Templeton Players dramatizes one of Edgar Allen Poe's classics.

Reservations are required. Tickets available online through Eventbrite: $15 per person.

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Farmers' Museum Ghost Tours - Things That Go Bump in the Night
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