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CANO Presents May at the Mansion

Friday, May 6, 2016 to Sunday, May 22, 2016
During Regular Business Hours

Opening Reception May 6, 5-8 pm with music by pianist Michael Frye-Hunt

Nathan Meltz - Fracture in the Crystal City

Nathan Meltz's work combines printmaking, animation, sculpture, and collage to comment on the infiltration of technology into every facet of life, from family and food, to politics and war. His current body of work, titled Fracture in the Crystal City, is a narrative exhibition telling the story of a subterranean city inhabited by robots. When a literal rift appears, splitting apart the city, automatons and their mechanized animals fall sick and witness their society fall apart due to the mysterious effects caused by the fracture. This story is a thinly disguised metaphor for the current practice of hydraulic fracturing and natural resource extraction happening throughout Canada and the United States. Meltz tells this story through screenprints, screenprinted sculpture and installation, and animations based on screenprinted imagery. Abstract, expressionistic, and psychedelic, Meltz transforms the gallery into the Crystal City.

Rev. Panik - Art and Occult Nonsense

Rev. Panik EVlynn Bedlam (Esq., Lady Baroness, Spc. Ret.) makes claims of being a shape-shifting cyborg from the future who erupted fully formed from the earth itself, but what can be proven is that she has been an artist for nearly thirty years. Much of her present artwork is esoteric in nature and organized under the title "Art and Occult Nonsense" (or "A&ON"), but also does independent works inspired by her sometimes conflicting identities as an occultist, a US Army veteran, and an openly transgender person. She possesses a diverse background having been trained in classical studio settings, printshops, and tattoo parlors, Panik has worked as a multimedia illustrator for the military, a commerical graphic designer, a freelance artist, and is credentialed as an ordained Universalist Minister (ULCC). A member of several occult and post-modernist magic organizations, she takes these esoteric subjects very seriously, even while combining them with humor and modern pop culture images derived from comic books and anime.

James Price – Fiendish Friends

James Price has been working at Main View Gallery in Oneonta for over a year. He has created an infinite number of pencil drawings, some with color, many without, as well as several paintings and sculptures, all of which represent imagined monsters. For this exhibit, James will create an installation featuring many of his creatures. Included will be drawings, sculptures, and full color paintings of the monsters in their natural habitat.