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Esme Boyce & A Retrospective of UPSI Resident Artists

Esme Boyce Choreography / dance; Resident Artist August 2016

Interrobang, Part 2 is the second dance in a series that builds on the absurdist attitudes of the Dada artists of the early 20th century, recontextualizing familiar objects and motions through video projection and set design. Boyce wears a set piece, moving with it in a shifting sound environment of synthesizer drones and echoing electric guitar, blurring distinctions between representational space and articulation of mood.

& Works by

Stivo Arnoczy Projections designer / video editor, Resident Artist August 2015

Ashur Rayis Composer / musician / sound designer; Resident Artist July 2015

Elliott Jenetopulous Artist / writer / director; Resident Artist July 2014

Esme Boyce & A Retrospective of UPSI Resident Artists
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2381 State Highway 205, Mount Vision, NY13810