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Cooperstown Summer Music Festival Presents: Pro Am Performance

Pro Am performances will feature selections by Brahms, Turina, Haydn, Elgar, Paganini, and Bach. No tickets or reservations necessary. A suggested donation of $15 is welcome at the door.

The Pro Am is a week-long program of rehearsals, coaching sessions, and performances led by Festival artistic director and flutist Linda Chesis; Shirley Irek, piano; Nilko Andreas, guitar; Hyung Suk Bae, cello; and Janet Sung, violin. These award-winning artists have performed worldwide. They will rehearse intensively and then perform with accomplished non-career musicians who come from across the country: Martha Somach, flute; Bruce Harris, piano; Mark Ptashne, violin; Jonathan Phillips, viola; and Barbara Gaden, cello.

"This year will be our biggest Pro Am yet and we've added classical guitar to the strings, piano, and flute the Pro Am usually features," says Linda Chesis. "The 'Ams' all have demanding and impressive careers, but have continued to practice and perform chamber music for the sheer joy of it. The Pro Am performances are a must for anyone who enjoys chamber music, or who would like to see what it's all about."

Cooperstown Summer Music Festival Presents: Pro Am Performance
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